April 17-18, 2015
Kansas City, Missouri
Join us as we explore beauty's role in saving the world.

Bil Brown

Bil never thought in a million years that he would be called “Pastor” let alone be in charge of people. He grew up as one of 8 kids in a home full of musicians. He always imagined himself playing music, making artwork, or coming up with crazy ways to make people happy (perhaps as a Radio DJ, toy maker or the guy that delivers the lottery checks) little did he know that God’s plan was to combine all of these things into the coolest job ever.

Back before being called into ministry, Bil got his degree in Art from William Jewell College. After graduating in 1994, he worked for some of the top web design companies in Kansas City on accounts for Lee Jeans, Sprint and Disney. He’s also done freelance design work for bands like P.O.D. and Blindside. (And by the way, they are real and very nice guys). Bil has also played in a few bands along the way starting on bass with his family’s country gospel band Sweet Spirit. During college he founded DigHayZoose with some friends to play music about God that they liked because there wasn’t much out there at the time. He’s always been a behind the scenes guy when it came to music. He played bass (and occasionally drums) for years on the worship team at Desperation Church before being asked to lead in an emergency. Slowly God began to work and give him opportunities to lead after that. He is glad that God is patient.

Bil has been with Desperation Church from its very beginning in 1995 as a volunteer and served on staff as the Worship/Creativity Pastor for 7 years before becoming DC’s Lead Pastor in 2014. He believes that people are uniquely made with a God-given purpose for their lives. Bil has a passion for equipping and empowering others to realize their full potential as servants in God's Kingdom. He teaches from a Hebraic perspective and seeks to help others learn and understand the depth of God’s word. Bil likes to have fun and tries to bring the creativity and wonder of God into all aspects of his life.

His current artistic outlets include collage, lunchbag art and iphone photography. When he’s not working on something, Bil hangs out with his foxy wife Valerie and their 4 awesome kidlets (Isaac, Isabelle, Lily and Olivia) Bil’s passion is helping others awaken to the unique gifts and creativity that God has placed inside of them. If you hang around him long enough, you'll probably hear him talk about how "everything is worship", "the creativity that God placed in each of us" or that "God made us for love." In fact, he's all about LOVE and tries to practice at it whenever he can. His goal is to become the best lover of God, husband, father, pastor of peoples and creative worshipper he can be. This will be considered a success when he is the same guy every place he goes, whether alone, at home with family or with others.

Fair Warning: when you meet him he might hug you. Other things you should know about Bil (captured from his various social network profiles) He loves most anything done well and/or with passion. Browsing thrift stores, junk shops, antique stores bring him joy. "There is a part of me that longs for the days of treasure hunters so finding something small and wonderful at a garage sale is a celebratory moment. It is a special reminder of God's redemption whenever I find something that has been discarded and find that it still can bring joy and be beautiful. Found objects capture my imagination as well. Grocery lists and other seemingly unimportant scraps and tidbits have a compelling story to tell. In these things I embrace the mystery of who God is. I suppose I find solace and comfort in strange places. Alphabetizing book or CDs, for example, can me a "God moment" if you let it."

Breakout Session: Art and Faith