April 17-18, 2015
Kansas City, Missouri
Join us as we explore beauty's role in saving the world.


Mako Fujimura is the keynote speaker for the 2015 Restoration Arts Conference.  Mako is a NYC artist, writer, and speaker. He is recognized worldwide as a cultural shaper. A Presidential appointee to the National Council on the Arts from 2003-2009, Fujimura served as an international advocate for the arts, speaking with decision makers and advising governmental policies on the arts.

Listed below are the confirmed presenters for the conference.

Bil Brown (Pastor, Artist)

Jill Carattini (Theology & Arts, RZIM International)

Kutter Callaway (Theology & Music)

Ted Lyddon Hatten (Artist, Theologian, Educator)

Meredith Holladay (Theology and Culture)

Allison Malafronte (Arts Entrepreneur, Consultant, Writer)

Margaret Manning (Theology & Arts, RZIM International)

Dylan Mortimer (Artist)