April 17-18, 2015
Kansas City, Missouri
Join us as we explore beauty's role in saving the world.

Becoming Conscious: Writing as a Means of Exploring the Terrors Within

“The need to express oneself in writing typically springs from unresolved inner conflicts. It is not a matter of having found an answer to the problem, but rather having discovered the problem and desiring a solution.” So writes James B. Nelson, paraphrasing Andre Maurois, in Thirst: God and the Alcoholic Experience. He also quotes memoirist Mary Sarton: “I’ve never written a book that was not born out of a question I needed to answer myself.” And Anne Lamott: “Good writing is about telling the truth.”

This seminar will explore a range of writing that gives voice to the ‘terrors within.’ Exploring both content and process, participants will experience a range of prose, poetry, and song lyrics that wrestle with war, violence, and oppression in the world, and within the world of human consciousness. How does good writing help us not only to tell but to find the truth?